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The brand

Notre histoire

Free, changing and unexpected, Thom Olson is born with the desire to show what makes you unique. The brand carries the values ​​of sharing and freedom, with the conviction that everyone can shape their own identity.

Our watches are designed  to fully express your personality. Because we are not the same every day, many charms come to customize our watches according to the mood or the occasion. Our refined and timeless creations reveal your originality.

Affirm who you are, even for a moment. Our watches are your personality on your wrist. THOM OLSON

Our name

Thom Olson embodies an open-minded generation of individuals. The brand found its roots on social media. The name purposefully sounds Scandinavian and Californian. Indeed, the Scandinavian resonance reflects the brand’s clean and structured facet whereas the Californian resonance reflects the brand’s bohemian facet. The name of the brand embodies all types of individuals.”

Une fabrication minutieuse

 Exigeant soin et minutie, les montres Thom Olson sont réalisées avec des matériaux de haute qualité. Pour nos charms, pensés pour une génération ouverte sur le monde, nous allons chercher les meilleurs savoir-faire à travers différents pays.

Bienvenue au sein de la famille Thom Olson ! 
Partagez-nous vos idées et inspirations.